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Automatic Macerator

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Automatic Macerator
Block Macerator
Type Machine
Tool Grid Wrench (Industrialcraft)
Stackable Yes
Data Value 702:50
Source Mod GregTech
The Automatic Macerator is a GregTech variant of the IC2 Macerator. It features two input and output slots; unlike machines such as the Industrial Blast Furnace, these serve only to allow multiple stacks or two stacks of different items to be processed in succession. Like other Automatic machines, the Automatic Macerator will automatically output products to its rear (the square shape) if an inventory such as a chest is available. In addition, the machine can output LV (32 EU/t) to its rear if the power button in the GUI is depressed.


GregTech RecipeEdit


The Automatic Macerator can perform all of the functions a normal one can.

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Video TutorialEdit

GregTech Block Spotlight Episode 3 - Automatic Machines-120:59

GregTech Block Spotlight Episode 3 - Automatic Machines-1


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