Arcane Pressure Plates are a Tier-2 Thaumcraft item capable of being researched after Warded Stone and Doors. Like all other warded items, the block is able to remember who placed it and, thus, can only be removed by whoever placed it. 

The pressure plate has three different settings that can be changed by right clicking . The first setting allows it to operate like a basic wooden pressure plate, the second allows it to only activate when stood on by its placer, and the third allows the plate to activate for everyone BUT the placer. 

The plate is able to open arcane doors so long as the person standing on it has permission to open the adjacent door. It is possible to use Arcane door keys to tie the plate to multiple people, allowing only those people to activate it.

Golems do not activate the pressure pad.

Aspects RequiredEdit

  • Tutamen
  • Potentia
  • Cognito
  • Machina
  • Imperito

Thauminomicon EntryEdit

This pressure plate has a few novel features. 

Firstly it has 3 settings that can be toggled by right-clicking on it: It can trigger on everything (like a wooden pressure plate), just you, or everything except you.

Secondly, like all other warded items only you can remove it.

Lastly it can be linked to other players with the use of keys.

These pressure plates can be used to open arcane doors as long as someone with access to the plate has access to the door as well.

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