Platform capable of lifting a player or creature upwards, or descend slowly downwards. 

Listed under Motus, Machina, Volito, Aura, Solum.

Heres a video that shows


Crafting GUI.png

Arcane Wood Block

Arcane Stone Block

Arcane Wood Block

Earth Shard


Air Shard

Arcane Wood Block

Arcane Stone Block

Arcane Wood Block

Arcane Levitator

Crafting the Arcane Levitator must be done at the infusion altar . Crafting also consumes:

Thaumonomicon EntryEdit

While not true flight, the Arcane Levitator is the next best thing.

When placed the levitator lifts any item or creature above it up to 10 blocks into the air. Anything below the levitator is slowed enough to negate falling damage. Doing so costs a small amount of vis drawn from the nearby aura.

Each levitator placed upon another increase the range at which it can lift or slow entities by 10 blocks, so a stack of 3 can lift entities up to 30 blocks.

Levitators can be deactivated by applying a redstone signal to them.

To pick up the Arcane Levitator, use a pickaxe.  Right clicking with a wand does not work.

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