Arcane Doors are the counterpart to Warded Stone.

Arcane Door

They are indestructible and can only be opened by the player who placed them or a player that has the correct key tuned to it.

Any player wishing to break down the door must be the original owner and use either a Wand of the Apprentice, Wand of the Adept, or Wand of the Thaumaturge.

Advanced UsesEdit

This door does not respond at all to redstone pulses, regardless of who may have triggered it. It will only react to direct interaction from a player that has adequate permission to either manually open the door, or activate an Arcane Pressure Plate.

Thaumonomicon EntryEdit

Like the warded blocks, this door is unbreakable to anyone except the person who placed it. Additionally the door will refuse to open for anyone but its owner.

The owner can also craft iron or gold keys that will grant others access to this door. By crafting an iron key and clicking on the door, you will link the key to that door. You can then give the key to another person and they will be able to use it on the door to gain permanent permission to open it. They will still not be able to break the door, or grant anyone else access. For that you need the gold key.

The gold key serves much the same function as the iron key, except they can also grant other people iron key access to that door. Only the original owner of the door can hand out gold key access. They are also not able to remove the door with a wand. Only the original owner will be able to do that.

Research DetailsEdit

Required Research is Unified Thaumic Field Theory.

This unlocks with the Warded Stone and Doors Research

Warded Stone and Door Research Aspects


Grid InfusionAltar.png

Thaumium Ingot

Thaumium Ingot

Thaumium Ingot

Greatwood Log

Zombie Brain

Greatwood Log

Thaumium Ingot

Thaumium Ingot

Thaumium Ingot

Arcane Door

Cost 50 vis, Imperito x4, Cognito x4, Machina x8


Here is a Video to show how to use the Arcane Door .

Thaumcraft 3 Tutorial, Warded Block Glass and Arcane Doors02:47

Thaumcraft 3 Tutorial, Warded Block Glass and Arcane Doors

Video by Zauto MC

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