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The Arcane Bellows a researched item in Thaumcraft 3 and are used to enhance the performance of the Infernal Furnace. Each arcane bellows is attached to one of the 3 open sides of the Infernal Furnace and will improve the speed and chances of producing nuggets as well as lessen the flux generated.

They can also be attached to regular furnaces to improve speeds or to Crucibles to reduce the time it takes water to boil.

Example: Up to 4 Bellows can be attached to a regular furnace, boosting the number of items processed by using 2 coal from the regular 16 to 21 (1 bellow), 26 (2 bellows), 31 (3 bellows) or 36 (4 bellows).
2013-02-06 16.22.06

Arcane Bellow powers a regular furnace.

Thaumonomicon Entry Edit

The Arcane Bellows performs much the same function as its mundane counterpant, the only difference is that it happily pumps away by itself, sending forth a stream of neverending air. Attaching it to an Infernal Furnace has shown some interesting results. The elemental infused air not only stokes the flames increasing its smelting speed, but causes them to burn much purer, resulting in a reduction of flux generated and increasing the chance of creating bonus nuggets and other materials when smelting. They can also be attached to normal furnaces to increase their speed.

It is also possible to attach them to crucibles to reduce the time it takes for their water to boil.

You are confident more uses will reveal themselves eventually.

Recipe Edit

Crafted by combining 4 Arcane Woodblocks, an Air Shard, Leather, and an Iron Ingot with 50 vis in the Infusion Altar along with 24 of the Aura aspect and 16 of the Motus Aspect.

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