Arcane Alembic connected to a crucible.

The Arcane Alembic is a device that can be attached to the side of a crucible to contain extra essentia from experiments.  It serves to prevent unwanted essentia from pouring into the Aura, which would cause flux, by trying to fill itself with the leftover before the essentia is released. It can hold up to 16 units of any one aspect.  Glass phials can be used to remove the essentia from the Alembic. 



To gain access to this recipe you must have already researched:

  1. Unified Thaumic Field Theory
  2. Warded Jars

The research that unlocks this recipe is Basic Flux Research .


Note: This recipe must be researched prior to being able to craft this item in an Infusion Altar .

In an Infusion Altar:

Crafting GUI.png

Gold Ingot

Warded Jar

Brewing Stand

Flux Filter

Gold Ingot

Gold Ingot

Arcane Alembic

+8 Aura; +8 Aqua; +8 Vitreus

In an Infusion Altar.


Any essentia in the Alembic that can be used towards crafting an item will automatically be used when creating the item.  It can also be bottled in a Warded Jar, in which case the contents of the jar will automatically be used by the cauldron or Infusion Altar .  

To bottle essentia in the Alembic simply right click the Alembic while holding a glass phial.

Note: Essentia can only be removed from the Alembic in multiples of 8.   

Example:  Alembic holds 16 Puris.  Each glass phial removes exactly 8 of any essentia.  16 - 8 (per glass phial) = exactly 2 phials to bottle all of the essentia.

Example 2: Alembic holds 13 Puris.  Since each glass phial can only remove 8 essentia, the alembic will have 5 leftover Puris, which cannot be removed until at least 8 Puris is in the chamber.

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