Aqueous Accumulator
Grid Aqueous Accumulator
Name Aqueous Accumulator
Type Machine
Tool Grid Crescent Hammer
Stackable Yes (64)
Source Mod Thermal Expansion

A machine which acts as a water pump or dehumidifier. To operate as a rudimentary pump, place in a pool of water. No power is required. This machine will not function in the Nether.

If horizontally adjacent to two or more water blocks (more than 2 will not provide an increase in water production. Source blocks are not necessary), the Accumulator will generate water at a rate of about 1000 mB every two seconds. It will eject water at a rate roughly comparable to a BuildCraft pump being powered by a couple of redstone engines.

Aqueous accumulator itself has a small internal water storage equivalent of 4 buckets of water.

One Aqueous Accumulator can supply enough water, if given the correct waterproof piping, to keep 4 combustion engines cooled 24/7.


In newer versions more source blocks may increase the rate of refill

Known BugsEdit

Liquiducts will not work in extraction mode, but do work in the default mode.


Crafting GUI.png


Tin Gear


Machine Frame

Pneumatic Servo


Tin Gear

Aqueous Accumulator

Raw Materials:

             8 Glass             8 Tin Ingot
             1 Redstone          9 Iron Ingot
             8 cobblestone       1 Gold Ingot
             8 sticks                                 


Inputs: 0

Outputs: 1, Orange (Liquid Output.)

Video TutorialsEdit

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