Apiarist Database
Grid Apiarist Database
Type Item
Stackable Yes (64)
Data Value 8793
Source Mod Extra Bees
 The Apiarist Database is an item from Extra Bees that shows all discovered bees that have been bred in your own Apiary/Alveary. The Apiarist Database keeps track of species, where they live (Climate, biomes, humidity), what they produce, resulting mutations and possible mutations. Possible mutations are only recorded when they are done in your own Apiary/Alveary, and when the recording place is available. The possible and resulting mutations when undiscovered, will tell you if you have the species required to perform the breeding to it or from it.


Carpenter GUI.png

Gold Ingot

Tin Ingot

Redstone Dust

Glass Pane



Gold Ingot

Tin Ingot

Redstone Dust

Water Bucket


Apiarist Database

Unlock AllEdit

In creative mode, or in NEI, you can find the Master Apiarist Database (Flora-In-A-Box). The Master Apiarist Database is the same thing as an Apiarist Database, except it already has everything filled in. Simple as that. The Master Apiarist Database is not craftable.

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