Apiarist's Pipe
Grid Apiarist's Pipe
Type Pipe
Stackable Yes
Data Value 14256
Modpacks Included All
Source Mod Forestry
Every ambitious beekeeper will want to have his apiaries filled with queens around the clock - and if the queen has died, a new one has to be bred in a hurry. But how to get the right drones to the right princesses? And sifting through the output that apiary farm is producing takes precious time away from sipping mead and cracking wild beehives for new queens. Not to worry, the Apiarist's pipe is here to help. Use this little genome analyzer to keep your bees in check and your beekeeping operation running.

Crafting GUI.png


Diamond Transport Pipe


Apiarist's Pipe

Video Tutorial Edit

The video below looks at how to build, setup and use and Apiarist's Pipe.

Bee Breeding Tutorial - Episode 4 Automation32:24

Bee Breeding Tutorial - Episode 4 Automation


Apiarist's Chest & Apiarist's Pipe - How to FTB in Minecraft - 3713:05

Apiarist's Chest & Apiarist's Pipe - How to FTB in Minecraft - 37


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