Alveary Heater
Alveary Heater
Type Structure
Tool Any tool
Stackable Yes (64)
Data Value 932
Source Mod Forestry
 The Alveary Heater can be part of the Alveary structure to simulate a warmer climate than the biome the Alveary is actually placed in. It needs a Buildcraft compatible power source to operate.


A Heater takes from 6MJ to 8MJ to move the temperature of the Alveary it is structured into up one. Example Normal/Normal to Warm/Normal.

Temperature LevelsEdit

Each tier of temperature you want to raise(or lower) your Alveary requires another Heater(Or fan) structured into the Alveary structure. For example from Cold/Normal you need one heater receiving 6-8MJ to reach Normal/Normal. Then moving from Normal/Normal to Warm/Normal you need a second heater connected to the structure with an additional 6-8MJ. Note that a single heater may not be able to receive 12-16MJ to accomplish this, one heater may be requiered per tier of temperature.


Some areas appear to have limitations on the rise and fall of temperatures. Using only 1MJ on a fan to bring the nether Hellish/Arid brings it down to Warm/Arid however unlike above for some reason a single fan was able to bring it down from Hellish/Arid Two tiers lower to Normal/Arid. And unlike a test on overworld whos cooling limitation was Cold/Normal in the nether it was possible using enough MJ and fans to lower it to Icy/Arid. This shows a possible large variance in the biome on how it effects the uses of heaters and fans.


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Golden Electron Tube


Iron Ingot



Golden Electron Tube


Alveary Heater

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