Type Structure
Tool None
Stackable Yes (64)
Data Value 925
Source Mod Forestry

The Alveary is an advanced variant of the Apiary. It offers a significant speed advantage over the Apiary. It also has expansion blocks that obviate the need for certain tolerances in your bees.

Frames cannot be added to the Alveary normally; however, production in the Alveary is always more than that which would be produced in an Apiary with three standard frames. However, it cannot take advantage of the special frames added by Extra Bees or Thaumicbees without using a Frame Housing.

To build an Alveary you will need 27 Alveary blocks. The blocks need to be placed as a 3x3x3 cube and then the top covered with wooden slabs (use vanilla wood, as it doesn't seem to like redwood slabs). Some of the blocks can be replaced with expansion blocks:

Each of these blocks is created using an Alveary block as one of its components. Heaters, Fans and Hygroregulators are available in Forestry while for the Frame Housing, Rain Shield, Lighting and Mutator blocks you need the Extra Bees mod.


Crafting GUI.png

Scented Paneling

Scented Paneling

Scented Paneling

Scented Paneling

Impregnated Casing

Scented Paneling

Scented Paneling

Scented Paneling

Scented Paneling



Total for one complete Alveary:

  • 216 x Scented Paneling =
    • 216 x Pollen
    • 216 x Royal jelly
    • 432 x Bee wax
    • 648 x Wooden planks
    • 1080 x Squeezed Honey Drops
  • 27 X Impregnated Casing=
    • 216 x Logs
    • 6.75 x Buckets of seed oil (or creosote oil)


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