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This article is about GregTech's aluminium. You may be looking for aluminum from the XyCraft mod.

Aluminium Dust
Grid Aluminium Dust
Type Dust
Stackable Yes
Source Mod GregTech

Aluminium dust is one of the metal dusts that are used in GregTech


Aluminium Dust is mainly produced by processing Bauxite Dust in an Industrial Electrolyzer at the rate of 2 aluminium dust per 3 bauxite dust (12 Bauxite Dust has to be put into the Industrial Electrolyzer to start the process). One Aluminium Dust can be directly received from Bauxite Ore as an additional product when grinding it in an Industrial Grinder. Therefore, 3 bauxite ore produces 8 aluminium dust without an industrial grinder and 11 aluminium dust with an industrial grinder with the initial 3 getting done with less processing.

Clay Dust is also a good source of aluminium dust, producing 2 piles of aluminium dust per 8 piles of clay dust among with other things.

Alternative sources for aluminium dust include Lazurite Dust and Emerald Dust. Processing Red Garnet Dust results in Spessartine Dust, Pyrope Dust and Almandine Dust, all which result in aluminium dust when processed further as one of the products. Grossular Dust which is obtained from Yellow Garnet Dust also yields some aluminium dust.


Aluminium dust can be smelted into Aluminium Ingots which are used in some of the recipes like making Lithium Batteries. Alternatively, it can be used in place of Tin or Refined Iron in other recipes to yield more of an end product (such as Mixed Metal Ingots).

It should be noted that XyCraft's Aluminum and GregTech's Aluminium (note the difference in spelling) are two distinct items that cannot be converted into the other. No Gregtech recipes may use XyCraft Aluminum, and vice versa.



10 secs
128 EU/t
1,700 K

Note that you must upgrade your Industrial Blast Furnace with reinforced machine casings to increase your heat capacity, before you can smelt aluminum.

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