Advanced Monitor
Iso Advanced Monitor
Name Advanced Monitor
Type Block
Physics No
Transparency No
Luminance No
Source Mod ComputerCraft

The ComputerCraft Advanced Monitor is similar to the normal Monitor, but can show coloured pixels and text. The advanced monitor has a golden appearance to reflect its crafting recipe.


8. Gold Ingot

1. Glass Pane

Crafting GUI.png

Gold Ingot

Gold Ingot

Gold Ingot

Gold Ingot

Glass Pane

Gold Ingot

Gold Ingot

Gold Ingot

Gold Ingot

Advanced Monitor


An Advanced Monitor is used in a similar way to the standard monitor, and is additionally able to render colours and act as a touch screen. These are used with 2 new methods: monitor.setTextColour(colour) and monitor.setBackgroundColour(colour). These functions set the colour of the pixel at the cursor.

The screen's object can be accessed by using the peripheral  api. the easiest way to do this is as follows:

screen = peripheral.wrap(side)

screen.write("Hello World!")

This will output "Hello World!" to the monitor in the set text/background colour and size. See the Peripheral API that is linked above for more available functions.


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