The Advanced Control System allows you to steer and stop your cart at will.

It is an attachment to Steve's Carts 2 cart and lets you steer your cart.

Steering and speedEdit

Using your standard movement keys(default w,a,s,d) you can steer the cart in different directions. Pressing and holding any of those keys will force the cart to go in that direction when passing a Junction Rail. The yellow arrow associated with that key will indicate this by being filled. However, if you pass a Junction Rail without pushing any of the control keys the cart will continue in the default direction of the junction rail. Furthermore you can hit your back key(default s) to make your cart turn back in its track. To change the speed of the cart use your jump key(default space) to increase and the sneak key(default shift) to decrease. At higher speed the cart will consume more fuel.

Extra informationEdit

The bar the farthest to the left is the height display, the red marker will show your altitude in the world.
The clock and the compass in the interface can be used as the normal clock and compass, show the time of the day and the direction to spawn.
The ODO keeps track of the total distance you have traveled and can only be reset by breaking the cart.
The TRIP keeps track of the distance you have traveled since you last reset it in the carts interface. Mount the cart with the [Mount cart button]
While mounted you will be able to see an interface looking somewhat like the one below. This will be located in the top left corner of your screen and it show some basic information about the cart.

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